The journey of Shimmy Bracelets started on the tropical island of Bali. It is here, where we have found inspiration for all bracelets – in its people, its culture, and the ocean.


# Share

We had the great opportunity to immerse ourselves in the cultures of the island, which are mainly Hindu, but also Muslim and Christian. Even though, they all had given their religion different names, they all share the same values of life.

# Socially responsible fashion

Shimmy Bracelets was created to provide beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry for adventurous girls and to empower women in the remote village of Medewi through arts and fashion. Every bracelet is handmade by a local woman, who isn't fortunate to have a regular job with a regular income.

# With vision

With an increasing popularity of our unique Bali bracelets, we were fortunate to find more opportunity to give back to the community and those who are fighting for a healthy nature in Bali, especially of our ocean. Marine conservation is of special interest for us as surfers. A part of each bracelet purchased online is therefore used to support several projects of heart.

# For salty souls

Shimmy Bracelets also have a surf bracelet collection, that can be used in the water! While the leather thread of the leather bracelets certainly won’t last a lifetime due to the natural properties of leather, the collection of surf bracelets is waterproof. The thread used is waxed and comes in colorful variations which definitely stays in salty water and under the hot sun.

# Good Vibes

Only natural and colorful semi-precious gemstones are used for every single bracelet, which not only give them a unique look. Also, the healing characteristics of some natural gemstones used are believed to provide good vibes to everybody wearing them. Happy wrists for happy girls!