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A part of each bracelet purchased will be contributed to local organizations or communities, that promote a nature and animal conservation in Bali. All of these organizations have crossed my path at some point in life and have inspired me ever since.


The surfers from Medewi village organize themselves under the Medewi Boardriders Club, a non-profit organization supporting local surfers, organizing surf competitions and motivating the next generation. But most importantly, they promote a healthy relationship with our nature and teach their community how to take care of our environment. Every Sunday 7am they would have the groms and riders together to clean up the beach and prevent dumped plastic from being flushed into the ocean. Having no waste management organized by the government in the village of Medewi despite the touristic development, they are keen to push things forward and start an own waste management concept.

Why does Shimmy believe in the Medewi Boardriders?

The boardrider club and their environmental awareness raising actions are pure heart work. The demand for change comes from the community itself, which will make it easier to promote an environmental friendly lifestyle including plastic separation and composting. It is still a long a way, but we are keen to contribute the best we can.


Lucky Dog Rescue Bali is one of the less known organizations giving Bali stray dogs in devastating situations a chance for survival and a better life in a foster family. We came across this initiative through a good friend (with a heart of gold!), who is regularly volunteering in the center and we started supporting it bit by bit, so they'd be able to pay off bills at the vet. With the help of your purchase, we will be able to continue supporting the organization on a regular basis in their activities, which are:

Why does Shimmy believe in the Lucky Dog Rescue Bali initiative?

The Bali dog is believed to be the first ever dog breed known to mankind. They are indigenous on the island and in contrast to many assumption they are not fully wild. They partly depend on their human neighbors as food provider, however, they are independent animals who don't need human contact. Tourism and development are the biggest thread to Bali dog and hundreds of them loose their life due to new brought in diseases, dog meat trade, human cruelty, motor cycle accidents or neglect.This organization gives a voice to those who can't talk, which is why we will continue to support them!