If you have decided upon your favorite bracelet, please check if it is offered in different wrist sizes or if it is size adjustable.


How to measure my wrist?

Some bracelets don't come size adjustable and you need to measure your wrist size before ordering. Use a measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist, not too tight.

From where do you ship the bracelets?

The bracelets ordered in the online shop are usually stocked in Germany and shipped to its destination from there. However, if you have a custom order we most likely ship it from Bali directly, or find other ways to get them to you as fast and cheap as possible. The world is small, there'll always be somebody heading to your home from Bali ;)

What shipping method do you use?

We ship/send with normal postal services and tracking number. After your order has been prepared you will be sent the tracking number and URL.

How long does shipping take?

Preparing your order usually takes 1-2 days. After this your order will be shipped. Shipping time strongly depends from where you order. To Germany it takes 2-3 days, to Europe around 4-7 days, to the US, Australia and other destinations 7-14 days.


What are Shimmy's made of?

Shimmy bracelets are a combination of carefully selected semi-precious gemstones, brass or silver buttons and charms, and strings that are robust to withstand saltwater, sand and wipeouts. We try to use natural beads only (no imitation or synthetic). Small disparities in color or form make every bracelet unique and one of a kind. Natural stones usually withstand sun and salt water exposure without loosing their color.

How to take care of the bracelets?

Our surf bracelets collection doesn't need special care. You are welcome to take your wrap bracelets to the water and wear them without taking them off. The materials used are durable and strong. The surf bracelet will get a used look and will fit even more to your surf style. Leather wrap bracelet should be taken off before surf, as the leather may get brittle. If you take them to the ocean, we recommend washing the bracelet with tab water and dry it with a soft cloth.