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Jiwa - Rhodium Vermeil Necklace

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Image of Jiwa - Rhodium Vermeil Necklace

Shiva shell obsession! This dainty little shell bezel is made from a shiva eye shell collected at the beaches of Bali. Two little Amazonite stones are carefully added to each necklace by our women in Medewi - one at the front and one in the back - and give each a unique touch and a deeper meaning. The Rhodium is plated over a 925 Silver base. Rhodium appears a little darker than silver, but is more resistant to salt water.

Note: The shell pattern and size may vary due to its nature.

Each necklace is handmade by our trusted silversmiths and refined with tiny semi-precious gemstone beads through the art of wiring by our lovely women in Medewi!