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Sumbawa - Shell Necklace


Image of Sumbawa - Shell Necklace

Beautiful, unique and personal! Each shell has been collected at the west coast of the island of Sumbawa 3 years ago and has been carefully kept ever since. They are a beautiful reminder of a wonderful time and will be bringing this spirit to you! Two small Aquamarine stones are carefully added to each necklace - one at the front and one in the back - and give each a unique touch and a deeper meaning. The necklace comes in 2 variations matching your style and soul:

*Rhodium vermeil over 925 Silver base, on a ball chain
*925 Silver, on a classic chain

Rhodium appears a bit darker than silver, but is the stronger finishing and more resistant to salt water!

Each necklace & pendant is handmade by our trusted silversmiths. The shell pendant has been attached through careful & unique wiring by our lovely women in Medewi, and comes with tiny semi-precious gemstone beads or chips.


Image of Sumbawa - Shell Necklace Image of Sumbawa - Shell Necklace Image of Sumbawa - Shell Necklace