our muse and motivation


Authentic and high-quality jewelry

At the core of Shimmybracelets lies a dedicated commitment to quality. We not only try to capture the essence of the seas but also do our best to create lasting pieces, from our handpicked, authentic sea glass, 925 sterling silver to natural gemstones for our wrap bracelets.

Real ocean treasures

Authentic sea glass from Indonesia

Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our use of genuine sea glass from Indonesia. Each piece in our collections is hand picked from the beaches in Bali and its surrounding islands. Each sea glass gives a unique feature to our necklaces and rings and makes them one of a kind.

We say no to plastic

Sustainable packaging

Our commitment extends beyond crafting beautiful jewelry. Since the very beginning of Shimmybracelets we have been giving back to the community and the environment. We are proud to support the the Bank Sampah Medewi, a pioneering initiative dedicated to manage waste in Medewi and promoting a clean environment.


Handmade with passion & patience

At the heart of our jewelry lies the passion and patience of our talented silversmiths in Bali. They bring to life our design concepts for playful buttons, charming charms, and unique upcycled sea glass jewelry. Their dedication and craftsmanship are truly remarkable, and we are deeply grateful for their invaluable contribution to our creations.