our mission


Creating jewelry and supporting the local community and nature in Bali go hand in hand for us. We not only craft unique jewerly pieces inspired by the ocean's beauty but also take a lot of efforts to contribute to the well-being of our artisans and to sustain Bali's nature.

Crafting Jewelry with Heart in Bali

Empowering women

We believe that each jewelry piece is not just an accessory but a symbol of empowerment and connection to the ocean. Our mission is to provide fair job opportunities to mothers in Bali, offering them a safe and comfortable working environment where they can showcase their skill and creativity.

supporting sustainable community efforts

Empowering Waste Bank Heroes

Our commitment extends beyond crafting beautiful jewelry. Since the very beginning of Shimmybracelets we have been giving back to the community and the environment. We are proud to support the the Bank Sampah Medewi, a pioneering initiative dedicated to manage waste in Medewi and promoting a clean environment.

Sustaining Communities and the Environment with Bank Sampah Medewi


of your online order will convert to supporting this wonderful and so necessary initiative of our friends Runa and Pak Misadi.